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Re: hola

Notapor tone36 » 02 Feb 2017 13:20

<div><cite>Julian_K wrote:</cite>Hello Tone36.

As I told you, and I will continue telling you, we can't provide any source code as if we delete all the private code from MediaTeck you will have only the linux kernel, we don't are allowed to share this code and we won't do it as we don't are allowed to, we told it to you per email an in other posts, we can't provide it, if we could do it we would do it, but unafortunatly we are not able to do it.

Kind regards.</div>

Hey you get me wrong this time....I don't need the source code I just want the firmware without odex file to can edit some apk because I didn't manage to deodex the firmware....that's what I want not the source code......
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Re: hola

Notapor Julian_K » 07 Feb 2017 10:41

Hello tone36.

The only firmware we are allowed to distribute is located in our support site in the Download / Firmware section.

Kind regards.
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